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New normal and building business relationships

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Researching “post pandemic” marketing, one theme stood out to me: building business relationships. Businesses have lost face-to-face meetings, events and selling. In the new normal we may not meet so much face-to-face.  As trading becomes increasingly digital and “frictionless”, how can marketing and PR help build strong business relationships?

People care about brands and their “purpose”. A brand that chimes with worthwhile values is attractive. Purpose brings benefits. Companies that show compassion and work towards a better future have a head start in becoming market leaders.

Offer value. Share how you can help. It is not enough just to state products and services.

The old adage “people do business with people not businesses” still holds true. Now businesses will need to work harder to maintain friendly personal contacts. Share your story. Allow time to connect at a personal level in digital calls. Take care to keep in touch, and find creative ways to connect.

We appreciate the casual reality of other people’s environment on video – not just work contacts, but also politicians and celebrities on TV.

Acknowledge the new emphasis on well-being, exercise, work-life balance, family life and friends.

We still need fun – why we love Tik Tok! It is good if your marketing can deliver a smile – good news and humour are always welcome.

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