Freelance PR – Technology

I am a freelance PR specialist  working with technology businesses. In particular I work with companies in IT services, wireless technology, electronics and IoT.

Do you have a world-beating product or service and do you need to get your message out there?  There are many marketing options open to you, however PR is often the best way for a company to become known outside its own customer base.

Will PR work for you?

Every company has something valuable to say.  People sometimes assume that editors will not be interested in their business if they don’t have much news, but this is not the case.  A PR consultant can work with you to get your business noticed. Some of the most interesting and successful companies I have worked with had no obvious “news”.

Published stories build credibility for a business, and this in turn helps the company to win sales. It can make a business appear larger than it really is. Your company spokespeople become visible, and can be viewed as thought leaders in their industry.

Good writing is the foundation of the work. It should always be clear, correct and colourful – even when the topic is deeply technical.

PR brings benefits

Not only does PR build your profile, your published pieces can benefit SEO and help build a broader footprint for your company online. We can report on the pieces published and the number of readers reached, alongside your digital marketing analytics.

As a freelance PR consultant, I am available for short PR projects or longer term campaigns. Clients book me to work with them regularly or for shorter projects. These can be product launches, creating copy for their content marketing campaigns and customer case studies.

Good content feeds into your digital marketing and social media publishing, and helps to create sales leads.

Questions?  Why not call me on 0208 275 9955