Freelance PR – technology

Are you looking to reach out to new audiences through PR? I am an independent PR practitioner with 15+ years of experience in the IT, software, cloud-based services and electronics  sectors. This includes the rapidly growing areas of wireless technology and IoT.

With PR, you can reach a huge audience, beyond your existing customer base. This can be costly to achieve by other means, even by digital marketing. PR can be very powerful. A PR project can be designed to generate sales leads, influence purchasers, educate readers or bring traffic to a company’s website.

I provide a regular PR Service when that’s required or I can undertake short PR projects. In some cases, getting just one story published has brought a client sales enquiries and opened doors to new prospects.

Today, I do not believe that ‘traditional’ PR and digital PR are very different. Most media outlets are now published online and on paper. The skills to find a worthwhile story and write it well are exactly the  same for both channels. The chief difference is that online writing benefits from a knowledge of SEO, to create copy that will work effectively online.

There are two areas of marketing that fascinate me and I have returned to these many times.  The first is the question of marketing to engineers, who don’t always trust marketing people!

The second is the interesting challenge of marketing IT services. IT service providers may at first sight appear to be very similar to their competitors. The most interesting part of my work is meeting the individuals leading a business and finding a way to show  how their service is special and unique.

Every client I have worked with has been different. Each client has a PR plan which we have designed to support their other business development work. If you would find it interesting to talk about your company and your marketing goals, please call 020 8275 9955 or email me at

PR clients say

“I engaged Anna to work on a PR project leading up to IP Expo. Her proficiency and willingness to be flexible as opportunities presented changes to the original brief, contributed significantly to its  success. As a result, Anna is now my ‘go-to’ PR for future programmes.” Garry Stubbs, Sales and Marketing Director, IT services vendor

“With Anna, you feel as if you are talking to an interested friend, but she gets great results. Polite and courteous, never pushy or in a rush – then great coverage where it matters in the media,”   David Bradley, BR Remote, Broadcast Camera Manufacturer.

“Anna got us a surprising amount of coverage for our company in security and telecoms magazines, for a relatively low outlay.”  Stephen Patrick, Director, Wireless Excellence, manufacturer of high capacity wireless communications.

Freelance PR projects 

Press releases

Your press releases should provide enough detail and background to make a published story. Then we identify the best contacts to receive the release and contact them in person.

Media relations

When you understand what editors and journalists need, you can work with them successfully. We can arrange phone interviews, coffee meetings and one-to-ones at events.

Trade show launches

Your PR plan for an event should cover show previews and meeting editors at the show. It’s important to follow up after the exhibition and answer everyone’s questions and requests.

Online PR

You can demonstrate your expertise in comments or articles online. Articles published online can bring new links and visitors back to your website. This additional traffic will show as spikes in your Google Analytics.

PR measurement

We can use digital tools to measure results of a campaign. We can report on the number of pieces published and the large number of readers reached. This can be added to your digital marketing analytics.

Awards entries

Have an award entry written for you by someone who sees you with new eyes and is amazed by what you do! It improves your chance of being shortlisted!

Questions?  Why not call me on 0208 275 9955, or email Anna at