Welcome and thank you for visiting!  I’m a freelance PR specialist and copywriter working with small-to-medium technology companies and technology entrepreneurs.

What I do

I help promote clients’ products and services through company news, product releases, thought leadership, technology articles and interviews. All with the aim of building visibility for technology brands, and enhancing clients’ reputations in their industries.

I am also involved in creating website pages, blog posts and e-newsletters, and I can create case studies and thought leadership documents which will be used as website downloads.

How I do it

Working with a very small number of client companies – this means I can support them better and provide greater attention to detail.

Appreciating how smaller firms operate, being mindful of clients’ time constraints, keeping meetings short and productive.

Working regularly with clients or undertaking short projects.

Why I am different?

I am not a typical PR person – I come from a former career in marketing and business development, which helps me to appreciate the commercial sensitivities around clients’ products, services and customers.

I am 100% aware that your communications must contribute to your commercial success, and will help you plan a communications programme that is feasible and worthwhile.

Working with a freelancer offers great value compared to a larger agency!


During 15+ years I have worked with clients in:

IT services, telecoms, mobile and wireless, electronics and IoT

Software: financial software, HR software, local authority systems, healthcare systems, retail technology, barcode systems, CRM

Broadcast equipment: cameras and accessories, encoders, microwave links, satellite communications, antennas, amplifiers, outside broadcast