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Creating marketing content for technology businesses

I provide copywriting services to technology businesses to support their digital marketing and leads generation campaigns.

My clients are IT and electronics companies who need marketing content written, proofread and delivered quickly. They tend to need:

  • Case studies
  • White papers / eBooks
  • Thought leadership pieces
  • Blog posts
  • Web pages with SEO

Each kind of content works at different stages in the marketing “funnel”.  The content draws visitors to a company’s website, introduces new ideas, and helps convert website visitors to customers. A copywriter with the right experience can offer fresh ideas, save you time, and keep your marketing projects on track.

Technology copywriter – portfolio

Have you located a few writers who are potentially suitable for your project? If you have reached this stage, why not contact me to see samples of my work?

You can reach me by email at:

Copywriting for B2B technology businesses

Customer success stories

Customer success stories are a mainstay of IT and software sales and marketing, and there are many ways to write them. Some companies like detailed case studies in a long format. Others like to have short, punchy stories with eye-catching headlines. Either way, if you work with a specialist writer you can have the story written to your template and finish it much sooner.

Writing white papers on technology topics

It is more difficult to write a white paper. A white papers is longer and should present its topic in a balanced way.  A white paper is a good way to introduce a new business concept or to showcase thought leadership. It’s a formal document without much branding, and it should appear to be written by an expert.  White papers are good for leads-generation and downloads in digital campaigns.

Writing blog posts

Everyone can be a publisher now, and anyone can write a blog. Used well, a blog can probably create as many sales leads as a telemarketing campaign. Search engines favour original writing not copy-cat copy, so it is important that every post is new. Each post needs to fit the content strategy and provide something of real value the reader. It takes several hours to create a post, and companies usually publish several each month. So it saves time to have a writer on their team.

Creating web pages

Re-building a website is a major project. Pages are usually longer now than they were in the past, so there is more to write. You’ll also need to address your SEO challenges, so an experienced copywriter who understands how it all works will help you to hit your go-live date.

Email marketing

Professional email marketing usually uses a platform such as MailChimp, which provides the outlines for business emails and takes care of GDPR.  A copywriter can help you to shape your message in a suitable way, ready to send out to your contact list. Email marketing brings quick results.

Other written content for technology businesses

Good writing is the foundation of all business communication. It should always be clear, concise and correct – even when the topic is technical. The writing should also match your in-house style.

Beside the digital content outlined above, companies may need other kinds of copy. They may need straplines for adverts or email footers, or text for catalogues, packaging and posters. These are all tasks where a copywriter can help.

If you are working with a copywriter for the first time, how can you be sure that you will be happy with their work? Take care to ensure that your writer includes author’s corrections in their quotation.


Content creation has become far broader than just writing. Businesses are using many content formats such as video, infographics and podcasts. The medium is changing but the thought process remains the same. It is still important to plan a message, explain it clearly, and keep the audience interested to the end.

If you have gaps in your content strategy or would like a specialist technology copywriter on your team, please contact me on 020 8275 9955 or email Anna at