PR, Digital Marketing and a bit of history

I call myself a PR consultant working with technology businesses. However the work overlaps with Digital Marketing.

You will probably know that PR stands for Public Relations. That name is quite strange. Most companies who care about PR simply see it as part of their marketing.

The old school Public Relations profession was born after the Second World War. People from the Diplomatic Corps and Secret Services went back to Civvie Street and offered their skills to business.  Their work was wining and dining clients, public speaking and meeting and greeting VIPs.

Today most people think of PR as positive stories in the media. That was in newspapers and magazines, now it’s in online media too. Now there are business and technical media for every market you can think of.

PR and Digital Marketing

Today online media may matter more  than print media.  Readers are more aware of the environment and don’t want to buy paper and throw it away after a short life. It is often easier to read news online, and companies are thinking digitally for much of their marketing.

The relationship between PR and Digital Marketing is interesting. Digital Marketing seemed to sideline PR at first, because it promised quick measurable results. However Digital Marketing changes all the time. Now people want high quality content delivered  to an editorial plan. It is the same as in the world of PR and publishing.  People want articles and blog posts that are of publishable standard and “a good read”.  Online media is as valuable as printed, and PR skills are highly relevant again.

This work helps clients to become visible in their market. It can explain  complex marketing messages.  It can reach beyond a company’s customer list and database. Today there are many marketing and digital channels to consider. PR has moved on a long way from wining and dining clients!