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How to brief a copywriter for B2B marketing content

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This article discusses how to brief a copywriter for a B2B marketing content project, and how a better briefing will lead to a better result. I like to understand exactly what my client needs so that I can get the assignment right first time. When we work remotely we don’t visit clients’ offices and see their business at first-hand, so an informative briefing makes a real difference.

The first things you need to explain to your copywriter are very simple. These basic points are the same for consumer marketing and B2B marketing, and most marketing managers cover them as a matter of course in their briefing.

B2B content basics

  • What is the asset we’re creating? Is it a web page, a case study, a HubSpot blog, or a script for a podcast, etc.?
  • Tell us about the product or service we are promoting.  An overview or a brochure is helpful.
  • Who is the audience, in terms of their background, level of understanding and seniority?
  • Explain your company’s style. This will be your brand values and “tone of voice”.
  • What is your conversion goal? For example, it could be to subscribe to a list, sign up to a webinar, make an online purchase, or to share the story on social media.

These are the basic details a writer needs. How can you brief your copywriter better and get a better outcome? It helps if you can outline the context for the work and provide more details.

How to brief a copywriter for content that works better

If you can can tell your writer more about your market, message and content marketing goals, he or she will be able to deliver a more effective piece of work.

  • How does this piece of work fit into your content strategy and marketing funnel?
  • What are the benefits and objections associated with your offer?
  • Which keywords are relevant and how can this assignment support your SEO strategy?
  • What kind of vocabulary is right for the audience?
  • How will your company measure the effectiveness of this piece of content?

Some projects reach their goal after one or two rounds of reviews and corrections, but it is better for everybody if the copy is right first time. This is why knowing how to brief a copywriter and understanding what they need to deliver a great job can make a huge difference.

A final tip to help your copywriter

I would add that it always helps to have a benchmark. It is useful if you can provide an example of a piece of content that you like, which we can use as a model. That is always a great help.

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