PR, Digital and Social


A PR programme can help a company increase its sales and grow. It can build credibility, reach out to new audiences and promote a brand. It’s a great way to tell a company’s story and enable sales.

Do you have a world-beating product and need to get the message out there? Or do you want to do more to be noticed in the fast-moving world of digital and social media ?

Businesses can publish company news, product releases, customer success stories. Or they can create  technology articles and opinion pieces, and give interviews to be quoted in feature articles.

 Now, with Twitter and Linkedin in the mix, our news can reach an even wider audience through digital channels as well as industry news sites.

PR and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing uses the same skills as PR – creative thinking, content planning, content creation and careful attention to detail. Digital marketers need high quality blogs and guest posts that will draw readers and inspire sharing. That means it makes sense to manage PR, digital marketing and social media together.

Technology PR Service

I specialise in the areas of technology I know well. During my time as a freelancer, I have built my own contacts across the globe and learned what their editors need.  Knowing how to approach these publications and websites, I  can help clients plan a lean but effective communications programme.

For small PR projects I provide quotations, and for longer assignments I prepare a detailed proposal with a fixed price. I don’t work on retainers.

I’m currently working with clients in RF, wireless, electronic components and enterprise IT. By specialising I can work more effectively, as I’m following events in these industries and I’m familiar with the technical terms and standards they use.

Clients value the ability to talk an idea through on the phone and create a PR piece based on that conversation.

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