Tips for trade show PR

If you are planning for a launch at a trade show, remember that many respected trade journals are monthly, which means they go to press early. To launch a product at a September show, for example, and to obtain coverage and product reviews in time for the show, your PR campaign should ideally be organised in July, so that you can be sure of meeting key deadlines. It is important to allow time to collect detailed information about your new products and prepare interesting images. The person looking after launch PR may well need details of the new products before the datasheets are ready.

Attractive photographs make a real difference, so investing in some clear, interesting images usually pays off.

There is little to be gained by using embargoes today, particularly in the online environment – it is much easier to allow news to be published as soon as it is released. Online news sources like to react fast with the information they receive, while printed publications may add their own analysis and their sub-editors usually add better headlines.

It is worth thinking of imaginative ways to gain attention for the product. Finally remember to co-ordinate trade show announcements with updates to partners, resellers and customers.