Copywriting / Content

I create content and documents to support clients’ inbound marketing and leads generation campaigns.

Web pages, blog posts, case studies, white papers, thought leadership pieces – these different forms of content can all play separate roles in a logical digital marketing process or marketing “funnel”. They can draw search engine traffic to a company’s site, provide a way to capture leads and help to convert visitors into prospects and customers.

Adding an experienced writer to your team will save you time. Any edits you require to your first draft are included in the price, to be sure you will be happy with the final text.

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Web pages

Re-building a company website is a major project. It can be difficult to know where to start and what to write, and to create text that works for humans and search engines. Adding an experienced writer to your team may be just what you need to hit your go-live date.

Blog posts

Today, everyone can be a publisher and write a blog, and yes, many companies are successfully using their blogs and social media to create sales leads. Search engines favour original writing, not copy-cat copy, so it’s important to select the right topics, keep it lively and write in a more journalistic style.

Customer success stories

A customer case study is probably the most powerful single marketing document you can produce. It is a pillar of IT and software sales and it needs to contain the right facts and metrics. Save time, have it professionally written to fit your template.

White Papers

A white paper is more difficult to write than a case study. It will be longer and will present an impartial discussion of its topic. Usually white papers introduce a new business concept or solution and show thought leadership. White papers are valuable for customers, sales prospects and PR campaigns.


Good writing is the foundation of most business communication. It should always be clear, correct and colourful – even when the topic is deeply technical.

Besides the digital documents above, you may also need straplines and slogans, text for catalogues and packaging, adverts and posters.


Today, content creation has become far wider than just writing, many businesses are working with video, infographics and podcasts. The medium is changing but the thought process remains the same. It is still important to plan a message, explain it clearly, bring it to life and keep the audience interested to the end.

If you have gaps in your content strategy and would like an extra writer on your team, please contact me on 020 8275 9955 or email Anna at