Copy and content

I provide a professional writing service for clients who need case studies, white papers, awards submissions and blog articles. Often these can be written from telephone briefings and the draft can be ready in 48 hours.

Customer Case Studies

Case studies are brilliant for content marketing – I have seen different kinds of companies use their customer stories in digital marketing with excellent results.

A great customer story establishes credibility in the marketplace and highlights the benefits of a company’s solution with the customer’s endorsement included. There is no better way to show how your business helps a customer in real life.

I sold enterprise software in my early career so that helps me to understand the details that make an effective marketing document for a business solution.

There are many ways to use a case study in marketing – I have written a blog that discusses ten different ways my own clients have used their customer stories. Click here to read the article: Ten ways to use a customer case study. There may just be some ideas there that you have not yet tried!

Case studies take hours to plan, research and write up. Why not have yours written for you and gain that time in your busy week?

If you ask me to prepare your case studies, I can work quickly – being a touch typist really speeds up the writing – and the cost is reasonable. If the first draft should need any amendments, they will be included in the price. Like this, I can be sure that every client is 100% happy with every customer story. It goes without saying that the grammar and punctuation should be perfect every time!

Sometimes a case study makes an excellent story for an industry journal or  a website – in that case my client gets the bonus of a PR story as well.

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