Content marketing for leads

Content marketing is high priority for technology businesses. This means that the resources and budget allocated to content marketing are growing.

What is content marketing?

With content marketing, you post information on your website that will answer the questions people are typing into their browsers.  The content can be text, images, info-graphics, video or podcasts. Most of the content on the web is simply text. However, people seem to love viewing video and that is the next most popular form of content.

Businesses like to use Case studies for content marketing, and technology businesses use them a great deal.  Customer success stories are ideal for marketing high value products and services because they encourage more buyers to purchase the same solution.

A content marketing article has to be unique, and not be available anywhere else on the Internet. This is why case studies work well, they don’t appear elsewhere on the internet because they belong to your company.

However, companies use other forms of written content as well. “How To” articles and guides to best practice are also popular. Some people publish company news or comments on industry news or research. These all work well because the information is genuinely valuable to the reader.

Writing for the web

Website content has to work for search engines as well as human readers. Ideally the writer should know about SEO techniques, and write with the needs of search engines in mind. If not, an SEO specialist can edit the text afterwards.

While this sounds easy, it can be difficult to create enough content of the right quality. You will only succeed with content marketing if people want to read what you have written.

Working to a content plan or content strategy will help.  If you start by making a content plan, this will help you to stay with the right topics. As mentioned above, case studies, news, and new research are all good subjects.

Finally, the content should be written to a high standard which reflects your company’s brand and values.

Content marketing usually takes more effort than people realise, but when it is done well, it can help you to gather useful new sales contacts.

Is content marketing a low-cost form of marketing? You can gain new contacts by attending a trade show or staging a marketing campaign, and these have significant costs. It is not surprising that if content marketing is to be effective, it is unlikely to be easy or free.