Business and values

Is it Marketing or PR?

I call myself a PR consultant. However “PR” stands for Public Relations while I am chiefly interested in Marketing Communications. My work is almost exclusively within the marketing area, and it links to digital marketing: content creation, search engine optimisation, and social sharing.

Latest experience

All of my work is in B2B technology markets.  Recent work has given me a good marketing knowledge of RF and wireless technologies, camera technology, electronics design, IoT, cloud-based services and IT service providers. (The latter  areas link directly to my previous career in IT and software sales.)

Two areas I find particularly interesting are: marketing to engineers, and marketing IT services.

Please email me at  to request a client list.

Global business

I am proud to work with companies that are selling their products globally through networks of local partners, and attending major trade shows such as IBC, Embedded World, and CES. The digital environment makes overseas markets more accessible and it has become much easier to reach audiences in other regions of the world.

Client companies

Small-to-medium enterprises make up most of the economy and most of my clients are SMEs. I enjoy working with smaller businesses as they tend to be bolder and make faster decisions. That agility probably compensates for not having the same resources as larger firms.  Several of my smaller, privately owned clients have achieved successful acquisitions for their companies.

Start-up businesses are special because they will grow to become SMEs. Having worked in a start-up myself, I decided to offer special terms for clients in the start-up phase.

How I built my freelance business

Working remotely from my own office, which is equipped with IT and PR resources, has been good because it’s efficient and flexible, keeps overheads low and fits with current working styles.

Updating skills each year

I’m committed to upgrading my training every year to ensure that I’m knowledgeable in the marketing and communications areas my clients need. As I finance my own training, it’s simply a matter of booking a place, attending the training then putting it into practice.


Always, I aim to offer an affordable, flexible and reliable alternative to a larger PR agency.